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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favorite Mural Designs

These are the murals I've enjoyed working on the most!

Enchanted Forest Mural

Princess Mural

Nautical Mural

Racecar Mural

If you have a large wall that needs some punch, consider using a mural in interior design for your home. A mural can bring a room to life with color, add a unique theme, or tell a visual narrative with beautiful imagery.Sassy Beach Children's Mural Jungle Nursery Mural

Tropical Beach Mural


Gail said...

You are extemely talented!

Little-Duck said...

The nautical mural caught my eye immediately. I really like that one a lot. I agree with Gail, you do a wonderful job of creating a total atmosphere.

mel4576 said...

Very nice work! Did you do the bunk beds in the princess scene as well? If you have time check out the photo gallery on my website: Wall Murals and Faux Finishes

Weeler Matt said...

I hope it was a very nice event and they all enjoyed a lot, I'm new to this Blog Hope to have nice time around here.Thanks for sharing with us...

Immaculate Ochieng' said...

My dear this is extremely fantastic, I can say you are the best. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Love the racecar mural.

AlexMac89 said...

Wow, sweet! I just started working for a custom mural company a few months ago (LifeWall, http://www.yourlifewall.com), and I've since become immersed in the culture that surrounds this stuff. I'm glad that wall murals are becoming easier and more accessible, and that wallpaper as a whole is beginning to lose the negative stigma that has surrounded it for so long. Thanks for the great posts & ideas!

Tom Alter said...

Your website is super I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my studies! http://www.joannaperrymurals.co.uk/